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  Plan Now to Attend the MCBA Show - Saturday Oct. 21, 2017

Location: Liberal Club, 20 Star Street, Fall River, MA 02724

Classes for Parrots & Cockatiels, Finches & Softbills

and Canaries.


Type Canaries - Judge Luis Belchior

NFSS Finches - Judge Laura Tinker

Double SPBE Parrot & Cockatiel Sections

Judges - Linda Rubin, A.M. & Laura Tinker, P.M.

Note - No Colorbred Canary Classes

Time: Setup starts at 7:00 AM.

Entries and Vendors are welcome at 8:00 AM

Vendors will offer birds, cages, and supplies.

Please call Denise Cabral at 508-479-2789,

before the show,  to sign up as a vendor.


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