Massachusetts Cage Bird Association

This association is organized for the purpose of improving & promoting the care, handling, maintenance, breeding, & welfare of birds, and the sharing of useful and helful   avian-related information.    

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Plan Now to Attend the 91st MCBA Show - Oct. 21, 2017

Location: Liberal Club, 20 Star Street, Fall River, MA 02724

Classes for Parrots & Cockatiels, Finches & Softbills

and Canaries.


Type Canaries - Judge Luis Belchior

NFSS Finches - Judge Laura Tinker

Double SPBE Parrot & Cockatiel Sections

Judges - Linda Rubin, A.M. & Laura Tinker, P.M.

Note - No Colorbred Canary Classes

Time: Setup starts at 7:00 AM.

Entries and Vendors are welcome at 8:00 AM

Vendors will offer birds, cages, and supplies.

Please call Denise at 508-479-2789,

before the show,  to sign up as a vendor.


Link to the MCBA Yahoo Group


 Long History Continues!

 2016 -  Was the 100th Anniversary of the Mass Cage Bird Aassociation

MCBA - 1937 - 21st Annual Exhibition of Canaries and European Wild Birds

Horticultural Hall - Boston, Massachusetts


If you wish to contribute to the activities of the MCBA, contact the president, Denise Cabral  

Tel: 508-479-2789    E-mail:

 or  Les Embrey,  send an e-mail:

Membership Renewal -  Please send your dues to Candace Rocha, Membership Director, as quickly as possible and be sure that you won't miss any issues of the Beakon.

Membership - New or Renewal Application

MCBA - Club Officers - 2017

President: Denise Cabral   Tel: 508-479-2789    E-mail:   



 Treasurer:   Leslie Embrey    E-mail:

Membership Director:  Candace Rocha Tel.: 508-697-7188    E-mail:   



Librarian/Archivist  Candace Rocha

Webpage   Jim McCarthy   

                                                                             Mass Cage Bird Association

MCBA was formed in 1916  Article IV of the Bylaws (2008) states the purpose as follows: [ improve & promote] "the care, handling, maintenance, breeding, & welfare of cage birds, & the dissemination of useful & helpful avian-related information. ...[the object of] the Association is to promote the welfare of its members and bind together affiliation through good fellowship.  The Association supports efforts to preserve natural wild avian habitats, efforts to preserve avian species at risk for endangerment, and efforts to further the study of avian behavior & avian illnesses. "